EA Tech Support Has No Clue

If you have a problem with an EA game you should contact EA Technical Support… shouldn’t you? After all, they know what they are doing, yes?

Not if you have the Mass Effect 3 bug that is the black screen of death (also known as the “Black Hole Glitch”).

Users have been told to delete game saves, clear the cache, reset the Xbox clock and do everything BUT do the thing that would fix the problem… because the tech support staff have no clue what is going on. If you follow their instruction you will lose your game saves and have to reinstall everything back onto the hard drive when you actually get the problem fixed. But the game saves will be gone for good.

The reason these “fixes” don’t work is because they are working on the assumption that the problem is in a corrupted file in a save or in the game cache. Unfortunately the problem isn’t here but in the Xbox Live gamer profile which is stored in a completely different place. It’s like if your car fails to start so you start messing with the controls on your radio to try and fix the problem. NOT GOING TO WORK, EA!

The only way to fix the Black Hole glitch is to use Resante’s fix or wait for Bioware to get off their ass and patch the glitch. Unfortunately the patch due out today doesn’t have the fix listed in the patch notes and Bioware have said “We are still looking into the problem” so it looks like the Resante fix is the only option if you want to play Mass Effect 3 after getting the black hole glitch.

Just stay clear of EA Tech Support. They don’t know what they are doing in regards to this problem and are more likely to make matters worse.


P.s. Resante’s fix can be found HERE

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  1. NeoMorph says:

    Lol… here is a chat that one guy had with an EA Tech Support person regarding this problem..


    So I just had a live chat with an EA tech support person. I wanted to know if we would be getting the N7 help. I’ve only edited out my email.

    You are now ready to chat with Varun.
    you: Hey Varun
    Varun: Thanks for contacting EA Help! My name is Varun how may I help you?
    you: I’m chatting in regards to case # 03279382
    you: I assume you’re looking at it?
    Varun: Please let me know your concern.
    you: I’m one of the thousands that have gotten the Xbox black screen of death associated with my gamertag
    you: I would like to know (1) if there is any updated ETA for a patch so I can play the game
    you: and (2) I would like a download code for the N7 pack released on Tuesday as a reward for playing this past weekend. Obviously I was unable to play, due to a faulty productt….
    you: Beyond my (and your) control
    Varun: Let’s first try to clear your console cache, this can sometimes cause issues with game. To remove these files, follow the steps mentioned at the below given link:
    Varun: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971755
    you: However, I do believe that I am still entitled to a download code for the content.
    you: I’ve done that
    you: but I’m doing it again right now
    you: It should say in the case file that I spoke with Calvin B, and we discussed the problem, and I’m encouutering the same problems as myriad other users.
    you: Nope, it didn’t work.
    Varun: Please give me some time to check it.
    you: No worries
    you: Thank you, Varun. I appreciate you taking the time to help me. It means a lot, and I really appreciate it. Thank you.
    Varun: Please restart your xbox.
    you: ok
    you: Done
    Varun: Please play your game now.
    you: I downloaded a 4MB game update
    you: but its back to crashing
    you: it did log me out of XBL as soon as i signed in – which is the first time it hasn’t crashed as soon as I loaded the game
    Varun: Corrupted game files can sometimes cause a issues like this. To remove these files, follow the steps below:
    Varun: 1. Start your console with the game disc out so it launches into the Xbox Dashboard.
    Varun: 2. Select the System blade.
    Varun: 3. Select Memory and press the A button.
    Varun: 4. Select Games and press the A button.
    Varun: 5. Select your game and press the A button.
    Varun: 6. Delete all files for the game.
    Varun: 7. After following these steps re-launch the game and try again.
    Varun: Note – Deleting these files would reset your offline progress in the game.
    you: Nothing
    you: still crashes
    Varun: Please clean your game disk.
    you: Still crashes
    you: If you would look at the case file, it has nothing to do with the disc
    you: if i use a different gamertag it works just fine
    Varun: May I know your gamertag?
    you: Jooface Killah
    Varun: Please let me know with which account it is linked.
    you: Jooface Killah
    Varun: Email account.
    you: ********@gmail.com
    you: sorry
    you: ********@msu.edu
    Varun: I would suggest you to play with this account *********@msu.edu.
    Varun: You will not be facing any issue.
    you: Varun – I don’t think I’m making myself clear
    you: Anytime I load my game, with my Xbox Live gamertag, it crashes
    you: I know it’s tied to my gamertag
    you: because if i use a different gamertag it works
    you: if I use a different XBL gamertag it works
    you: If i switch discs it works
    Varun: I would suggest you to play with this account *******@msu.edu.
    you: and it works if I do everything else on someone elses xbox
    you: A. I can’t play with *******@msu.edu because that’s not an XBL name
    you: ********@msu.edu is my email that’s tied to Email
    you: *xbl
    you: So you telling me to play with that e-mail makes no sense
    you: I’d love to speak with a manager
    you: and I’ll be willing to wait
    you: Don’t worry – I’m not reporting you, I just think there’s something lost in translation
    Varun: I have told you to use that id to play.
    you: Varun – I would like to speak with a manger.
    Varun: Please give me some time to check it.
    you: OK. But I would like to speak with a manager.
    Please wait while we set up your chat session with Neeti.
    You are now ready to chat with Neeti.
    Neeti: Hello, this is Neeti the floor Supervisor. How are you doing today?
    you: I’m doing well. How are you?
    Neeti: I’m doing good. Thanks for asking.
    Neeti: Varun has thrown some light on the issue you’re experiencing.
    Neeti: Please give me sometime to review your conversation with him.
    you: no worries
    Neeti: Thank you.
    Neeti: May I know the game crashing on Multiplayer or Single player mode?
    you: Mass Effect 3
    Neeti: *game is crashing
    Neeti: Okay.
    you: it crashes on the load screen
    you: If I’m logged it, in crashes as soon as the screen loads
    you: if I’m not logged in, I log in at the start screen, and it promptly crashes there.
    you: The issue, however, is not the crashing – I know that it’s been reported by many people, including me on this very case file, the reason why I’m writing is because I’m curious if there is any ETA as to when a fix will be released, and if I will receive the DLC that was put out for players from thsi past weekend
    Neeti: I am sorry Miles.
    Neeti: We do not have any ETA available now, if it would be with me, I will sure tell you.
    you: Thank you, I appreciate that Neeti.
    Neeti: You are welcome.
    Neeti: Is there any other information you would like to know?
    you: Yes. I am curious as if we will be receiving the N7 DLC from this past weekend.
    Neeti: I cannot assure you on that.
    Neeti: Please keep close eye on the Official game Forums for any update.
    you: Thank you Neeti – I appreciate your apology.

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